Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept donations of used books?

YES! That's exactly how we run this non-profit. We would be so happy to accept donations of your books. To do this, simply send a message to and we will reply with the addresses of our three drop off locations (Kanata, Carlington & Orleans). We can't wait to hear from you!

What do you do with books that don't sell?

We sell books on our Instagram page, website and in-person sales. If books do not sell within three months they are donated to local Little Free Libraries!

What is The Sweet Sanctuary?

Founded in 2018, The Sweet Sanctuary is built on kindness and compassion for all animals. We provide a permanent home to horses and farmed animals suffering injury, neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Located just outside of the Nation’s Capital in Mississippi Mills, Ontario, the sanctuary sits on 85 acres of safe haven. Including a magical pig forest, goat mountain, and sprawling pastures, the sanctuary is currently home to 34 animals and growing. The Sweet Sanctuary Animal Rescue is a registered Canadian charity.

How much have you donated so far?

Since being established in November 2020 Secondhand Stories has donated over $16,000 for the animals. Our original goal of $500 was quickly passed and we are hoping that we will soon reach $20,000!

How else can I help The Sweet Sanctuary?

There are many ways you can help The Sweet Sanctuary with their mission. 1. Become a monthly donor or sponsor an animal. 2. Make a one-time tax-deductable donation. 3. Participate in the yoga fundraiser. 4. Follow The Sweet Sanctuary on Instagram and Facebook. Bonus: Share their pages with your friends and family!

How else can I help Secondhand Stories?

So you want to help, more?! You're the best. To continue our goal of being a sustainable business we always welcome donations of gift wrap, mailing envelopes, and stamps. If you have business suplies you think we could use, please reach out to us at We also accept donations of gift cards to Value Village where we can source any additional supplies used to help keep usable items out of the landfill. Know of a grant program? E-mail us! We are currently seeking funding to cover the cost of five new bookshelves to help us organize and alphabetize our stock, allowing us to fufill our orders faster.

Can I volunteer?

At this time we are not looking for any volunteers, but we will update this page and post on our Instagram account if we need help!

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